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West Bay's Beachers Comes of Age

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West Bay Beach's newest addition to Roatan's music scene, Beachers featured local iconic music legend Brion James on Saturday evening (Sep. 10) with surprise musical guests taking the stage in front of a full house of excited fans.

Brion James, ever the consummate professional, invited Gordon "Gordo" Matthews (lead guitar for k.d. lang) to join him on stage with other special guests. Gordo's performance demonstrated his skilled use of the Fender Telecaster and smooth singing style. Also on hand, filling in for Brion's current bassist travelling off island, was Eugenio Guzman, the Chilean architect for Henry Morgan and Media Luna. For a man clearly approaching his golden years (he must be at least 70 years old), Eugenio's gentle touch and firm command of the bass wooed the audience. Local 'Drummer Dave' completed the quartet.

Then an impromptu appearance by Jon Youngman of the Barefoot Boys in Utila took it up another notch with his tenor saxophone. Joining Jon was fellow guitarist Brock Widener gracing the crowd with some country western diddies. The highlights of the evening were the long improvisational jams with all musicians on stage -- something this reviewer has not seen in Roatan for a LONG time. The troupe's rendition of Jeff Beck's Freeway Jam was flawless.

Beachers opened over the Summer on West Bay Beach. Located between Lana's Cabins and Emerald Beach Club, the new enterprise promises to be the next best venue for local musicians to perform for eager music lovers in Roatan's West Bay. The food and drinks aren't bad either. ;-) This reviewer is looking forward to more of the same in the coming months.
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