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Tong Exonerated and Released from Custody

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"Tong," the owner-chef of Tong's Thai Island Cuisine in West End, Roatan has been released from police custody after appearing before the Court in Coxen Hole today. As the hearing was in private, the public did not know about the proceedings inside until this afternoon. Tong has spent the last week in an office of the Coxen Hole police station and reports that he was treated respectfully. Local residents who visited Tong complimented La Fiscalia for doing their job well with so many eyes on this proceeding. A celebratory dinner party is being held tonight in West End at the Wet Spot -- 500L prime rib dinner with proceeds going towards Tong's court expenses. More details are sure to come in this evening.

On September 18th, Tong, his wife, their two children, and three employees arrived by car at Tong's house in Sandy Bay. Tong was inside when he heard shots and his wife screaming. Retrieving a gun from his bedroom, Tong spotted a man outside shooting wildly. Tong took aim and shot the gunman twice. Tong's wife had been grazed by one of the gunman's bullets. Tong reports that "they would have killed all of us."

Several residents of the area have recognized the slain gunman, Lair Briant Hunt Williams, as a long time armed robber and murderer in the Sandy Bay area. No one seems to doubt Tong acted in self-defense, and many have expressed their gratitude that justice has been carried out on a criminal that has been terrorizing residents of Roatan for years.
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