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Roatan Solar Power Project Approved

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Roatan may soon get relief from diesel dependency for producing electric power on the island. On September 21, 2010, Denver-based Onyx Service & Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB:ONYX) conducted a formal presentation of the 18.5 megawatt project to Governor Shawn Hyde, Mayor Julio Galindo and a quorum of Council members at the Roatan Municipal Government chambers. ONYX President Malcolm Burleson and Project Engineer Rick Coens made quite an impression upon the attendees. “You guys have it,” said Mayor Julio Galindo. Governor Shawn Hyde added “I fully support the project and will do whatever is needed for the project.”

ONYX 18.5 Solar Project Presentation to Roatan Government from Malcolm Burleson on Vimeo.

The $84 Million (US) solar power project should take 9 months to complete and is part of an initiative to reduce diesel fuel dependency. Honduras in particular is dependent upon Venezuelan trade policies over which Roatan has no control. Rising diesel prices are becoming an extreme hardship for Roatan citizens and businesses. This issue is hurting the island's ability to attract new business. Solar power has been identified as a realistic solution to solve this pressing issue. The island of Roatan is a renowned tourist destination and a significant source of revenue for Honduras. Roatan has a significant American expat population and a perfect location for the Company's first diesel reduction solar project.

Tentatively, three 10 acre tracts will each host 23,500 solar panels generating up to 6.5 megawatts from each site. ONYX sees this project as a premium opportunity to debut its newly branded 280-watt panel. Beyond the Company's excitement over supplying and installing their newest products, this project also represents a move to assist a strong U.S. ally to become more self-reliant for electrical power.  The Honduran legal and lobbying firm of Villela and Villela has been engaged as lead legal and lobbying contracting firm for the project.

Details of the 18.5 Megawatt Solar project can be seen at
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