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Joe O’Donnell returns to Roatan to testify

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Australian Joe O’Donnell returns to Roatan, Honduras to testify against his alleged attacker

HE’S back — and he wants justice.

Source: Supplied, NewsComAu
Joe O’Donnell, 43, and the bullet that caused him so much grief.
Two and a half years ago, Australian Joe O’Donnell was living the dream in the tropics of Roatan, a large island off the coast of the Central American nation of Honduras.

That all changed on August 19, 2011, when Mr O’Donnell was shot in the spine and left for dead after an apparent misunderstanding over where he parked his bike.

But can reveal that, after years of agony and despite threats to his life, the 43-year-old has returned to Roatan to testify against his alleged assailant in court.

On March 4 or 5, Mr O’Donnell is scheduled to provide evidence against Sam Wesley. He is the man alleged to have nearly killed Mr O’Donnell, left him hospitalised for eight months and with leg, back, bowel, bladder and sexual issues.

“It’s a bit scary because I know my life will be in grave danger,” Mr O’Donnell told Friends urged him not to return. It’s too dangerous, they said. But he wants to see justice done.

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