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Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition 2013

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[West Bay, Roatan] Thanks to the efforts of local dive instructor Esteban Darhanpe, Roatan will be hosting 10 days of freediving competitions with world record holder William Trubridge and other top competitors from around the world. William Trubridge is a world champion and double world record holding freediver from New Zealand, and will also be sharing his knowledge and offering training during the period. Trubridge currently holds the world record in the Free Immersion and the Constant Weight without fins disciplines, and is the first human ever to break the 100m barrier unassisted.

The Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition ( will be held off Roatan's West Bay Beach with San Simon serving as the base. Key members of the International Association for the Development of Apnea (AIDA - will be in attendance this week to consider Roatan as a location for future freediving competitions including the world championship.

On 18 January 2011, Trubridge won the World's Absolute Freediver Award WAFA naming him best all around freediver, with the highest combined score in six freediving disciplines: static apnea, dynamic apnea with fins, dynamic apnea without fins pool disciplines, constant weight apnea with fins, constant weight without fins, and free immersion depth disciplines. Trubridge is an Apnea Academy instructor and he currently operates a freediving school and annual competition both called Vertical Blue ( at Dean's Blue Hole in Long Island, Bahamas from September-May . During the summer he teaches courses in Europe and trains at Tenerife Top Training Center.

Trubridge will be accompanied by his wife, Brittany, who is a yoga teacher and is currently developing a specific yoga course for freediving. Britta will be offering sessions during the week.
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